Sunday, October 05, 2008

Do the Hustle : 05.10.2008

Elmer, NJ, USA. Yes ... there is a place called Elmer.

What is more, they run a cyclocross event there called "The Hillbilly Hustle." What is even more is, there is a genre of music called Hardcore Hillbilly. Or maybe it's just a band ... anyway ...

Now, I would have remained blissfully unaware of all this had I not decided to join Jay and Chris and motored down to south New Jersey to spend a Sunday morning at a cyclocross event.

The last time I went to any cyclocross race was a number of years ago when I spent many a bracing winter's morning following the local cyclocross league in Bristol, UK.

We found Elmer okay, with only one minor diversion, and met up with Larry - and blended family - and Fred. Everyone except me - I'm not mad - was racing in the first race of the day, a 40 minute +lap - or so I understood it - Men's cat 3/4 (C) race.

Where I was wrong is that a 40 minute race here is a race that is run as close as possible to 40 minutes.

The interesting thing was, speaking as a furner, a US cyclocross race is pretty much the same as a British one; ie: the same people are there participating and spectating. The same dog as well, I dare say.

The course was very flat and could have done with some more natural obstacles, but otherwise it was very good and fast.

The upshot:

1st : Fred - 35:06.06
15th: Jay - 37:55.70 +02:49.60

17th: Chris - 38:22.20 +03:15.60

23rd: Larry - 39:45.50 +04:38.90

38 finishers; 2 DNF

A good day's racing.

More images here. Unfortunately, my trusty Olympus C-3030 Zoom chose to die on me and images look rather fuzzy.