Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Griggstown Grinder : 20120529

My car thermometer was reading 33C/92F while we met up at Montgomery Park. While the sky was still blue, most of us had seen the forecast for thunderstorms, so we just sought out what shade was available as we waited to start and made bets on whether we'd run into them.

Fortunately, Diane took us on a route which made the most of tree cover, so the Coppermine climb, although brutally hot, at least, was out of the sun.

Around The Great Road, it became clear that we were in for a nasty storm, so we sprinted for home. This wasn't too difficult, because we had a terrific tailwind which bowled us along Skillman Road, through the pine tree debris, at more than 40kmh/25mph.

We made the cars without actually suffering more than on or two stray raindrops, but the evening had prematurely turned into night under the roiling clouds.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PFW Memorial Day All Paces Ride: 20120528

I missed my regular Sunday ride under the threat of rain, so it was a relief that Monday - a public holiday in the USA - dawned sunny and bright.

I arrived at the Princeton FreeWheelers's rendezvous a bit late due to ... well, what does it matter ... and after frantically pumping up tyres and getting into shoes I latched onto one of the last groups to leave. Turned out they were heading for New Egypt. That was good enough for me ...

The day was fine, but it quickly became very hot and sultry, so hydration was a major concern. By the time we'd returned to the cars the temperature was 33C/92F, but it was the humidity that was the real challenge.

I've never been to a PFW event before, and it was nice to speak to and occasionally encourage riders who'd not ever ridden more than 15 miles before and the sense of achievement they'd got from the day

Monday, May 21, 2012

Etra Lake | Battlefield Orchards : 20120520

Sunday dawned to a great day for cycling. Maybe a breeze which was a bit more than perceptible, but great nevertheless.

Gary's ride took us west, through Turkey Swamp to Battlefield State Park, where there had been a battle at some point, apparently, but now hosts a store that sells fruit and fruit products, most notably for me, fruit strudels.

Unfortunately, they no longer make blueberry strudel, but the raspberry was really good too.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rocky Hill | Nashanic Station : 20120513

Time for another ride, up through the Sourlands to Nashanic Station.

This time I rode solo. Sometimes it's good just to proceed at your own pace; pause to listen to the birds, study the flowers and so on ...

Not many cars either. Other than on the main roads there were very few. Maybe everyone was off visiting their mum?

Not many riders at Peacock's Country Store either. But a chocolate croissant went down well.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Etra Lake to Clarksburg : 20120506

This was the first ride of the year for me from Etra Lake.

Gary, the ride leader, has upped the rate to B and consequently set off at a cracking pace under a gloomy sky. The weather held off and once or twice the sun struggled through the clouds.

It wasn't just the sun which was struggling. I just don't have enough miles in my legs at this stage in the year, which meant I completed the ride at my own pace. But still, I survived, but I really need to get a few more miles in before The Ride to Montauk Century next month ... what have I committed myself to???