Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Racing Through The Dark - David Millar

I am currently reading "Racing Through The Dark", by David Millar.

Thanks to Paul and Cat I have a signed copy! Thanks again!!!

So far it's a compelling read, up there with "It's Not About The Bike", by Lance Armstrong.

Given the controversy about doping in professional cycling, this is an insight into the stresses and pressures of the sport.

No doubt, these pressures are found in any sport. But it is in cycling where the battle against performance enhancing drugs is most exposed.

Read it!!!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

We have Manhattan - The Bronx and Staten Island too ...

Sunday saw, Steve, James and me tackle the round Manhattan bike path - The Waterfront Greenway.

It was a hot day, a challenge for anyone, but it was also James' first bike ride of any distance, 30.4miles/49km. In the end the heat proved more difficult than the distance for James. Note to self; get him a proper cycling jersey. He did wear cycle shorts though which were a big help.

James' Trek | Steve's Brompton | Alan's single-speed

We set off from Staten Island using the SI Ferry and rode the complete lap up the East Side, though Harlem and along the Harlem River, across Washington Heights and down the West Side.

The East Side path was, if anything, in a worse condition than the last time we rode it in March.

Bike route 1121788 - powered by Bikemap 

In one place it was closed completely, frustratingly without any advance notice which meant retracing our route back to the next bridge back onto the NYC road grid. In several points, the riverside path seems to be collapsing into the East river making it hazardous for both walkers/joggers and inexperienced bike riders. Such a pity for such a great facility.

Lunch was provided by the 1964 Deli and we proceeded on to St Nicholas Park and refuelled under the shade of the trees.

St Nicholas Park, Harlem
By now it was getting pretty hot, but we were able to maintain a good pace along the Harlem river and across Washington Heights, although after the turn onto the West Side path, the climb to the George Washington Bridge panorama was difficult for James who was understandably starting to wilt in the heat. But he did survive and recover for the generally downhill, but congested run down the Hudson river.