Monday, October 05, 2009

RoadID : Know who you are ...

A cyclist's nightmare; being involved in a serious incident and no-one knowing who you are ...

Well, RoadID is a bracelet which contains basic contact information which can be used in an emergency. There are more sophisticated options which convey more detailed medical details, if, for example, you're diabetic or have another health issue, but paramedic/casualty department friends of mine tell me they don't have time to review this sort of stuff and do all the tests anyway ...

However, it's reassuring to know that in the event, someone can be contacted to come and get you.

Of course, your name and contact information can be stuck in your helmet or under your saddle but this may help you and your family/friends feel a little better.

Incidentally, RoadID are very possessive of their logo, etc, to the point where I almost didn't blog this ... however, on balance it's a very useful item.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Kingston - Ringoes : 4:10:2009

Nice PFW ride this morning from Kingston, NJ.

The early morning was misty, but promising, and we weren't let down as it metamorphosed into a very nice day.

I certainly felt a lot better than my last Sunday ride. I could have done it all again ... yes ... really!!!

Basic stats:

Distance : 43.6 miles / 70.2km
Climb : 1,607ft / 409m

Thanks to John - ride leader.

Bike route 330312 - powered by Bikemap

PS: Try running your cursor over the route profile and follow the bike route ...