Monday, September 06, 2010

Old Cranks

You might remember the first appearance of the Old Cranks at the 2010 Tour de Cure at Brielle, NJ. It was Gary's, Gene's and my first Century Ride.

Well, now, not only do we have the Old Cranks' jersey, which made its first outing on last Friday's Sourlands' ride I have also inaugurated a discussion forum here.

Old Cranks' cycling community is primarily for cyclists of a certain age, but all are welcome to register and share experiences, ask questions, seek advice, post routes or generally just pontificate. Whether you're a late starter, road warrior or just an interested spectator.

All that is required is that you love cycling. Become one of the first to sign up ... no obligation ... click here ...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

PFW : Etra Lake to Clarksburg 20100905

It was little chilly as we set off, and I was wearing full-finger gloves and arm-warmers. I hate being cold. But still, it's a sign of the immanent arrival of the fall/autumn and working out how a cold morsel like me can continue to cycle comfortably.

Anyway, Gary set a cracking pace ... maybe we need to reconsider at what level this ride is set ... sociable "B" suits me.

The deli at Clarksburg was inundated with various rides; I saw three or four groups arrive while we were there. Club rides seem to be a thriving  feature of central New Jersey.

PFW : Sourlands Friday 20100903

Posting this a bit late because I had browser/blog interface problems over the weekend.

However, we rode a very pleasant circuit from a new starting point and around the southwest edges of the Sourlands with one or two roads which somehow have hidden themselves from me ... until now.

The evenings are now drawing in. It was almost dark by 7.30pm/19.30 even with a clear sky. Blinky lights told the tale and led us back to our cars.

Down Time

The blog has got behind recently. It just would not load correctly using Chrome.

In the end there seemed to be an issue between Chrome and Quicktime. Quicktime enables the .mp3 under "Today I Am Mostly Listening To ..." to stream correctly, ie: on request from the viewer and not automatically as the page opens.

So with helpful advice from eBlogger - clear cache and update Quicktime - the page seems to load correctly again.

Please let me know if there are still issues via the Comments box below.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

PFW : Griggstown Grinder : 20100831

Time passes so quickly ... it was the last Grinder of the season.

Fortunately we descended Springhill Road rather than repeat last week's climb ...

Thanks to Diane for planning this year's rides and for hosting a soirée after the ride.

See you all next year!!!