Monday, April 26, 2010 : mapping site

Just found this GPS mapping site :

It seems to be a step up from

So far I like:

  • Detailed route profile - move cursor along profile
  • Cue sheet printing
  • Range of export options
  • Simple embedding in blog facility

Take a look ...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ride of Silence : 19 May, 2010

The Ride of Silence is a worldwide event for cyclists to mark and draw attention to fellow riders who have been killed or injured on public roads.

As the RoS website states:

On May 19, 2010, at 7:00 PM, the Ride of Silence will begin in North America and roll across the globe. Cyclists will take to the roads in a silent procession to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Although cyclists have a legal right to share the road with motorists, the motoring public often isn't aware of these rights, and sometimes not aware of the cyclists themselves.
In 2003, Chris Phelan organized the first Ride of Silence in Dallas after endurance cyclist Larry Schwartz was hit by the mirror of a passing bus and was killed.
The Ride of Silence is a free ride that asks its cyclists to ride no faster than 12 mph and remain silent during the ride. There are no sponsors and no registration fees. The ride, which is held during National Bike Month, aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to show respect for those who have been killed or injured.

There will be a ride from Skillman, NJ, details here ...

I've adapted a poster for the Skillman RoS here ... 5.32Mb .pdf download

PFW Tour de Manhattan : 25 April, 2010

Thanks to Diane and Steve.

See details here ...

Bike route 383599 - powered by Bikemap 

*Unfortunately rained off :-( watch for new date ...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fast & Furious - for me anyway ...

It was the regular Sunday "B" ride out of Cranbury, NJ, this time led by Mark Hecht.

If I was hoping it might be rather less challenging than last week's ride, then I was truly mistaken. However, we did survive, so I spent Sunday afternoon feeling rather smug ... but those last few miles against a blustery wind from the west were very hard!!!

Bike route 444571 - powered by Bikemap 

Thanks to all, especially those who shared my pain ... I really must get into condition for that Century.

PS: I accidentally turned off the Garmin for 5 miles about a third of the way around, so I joined the dots where the data was lacking. In the end I make it a mile less than people did on their computers, so let me know where I went wrong ... thanks

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, the year has certainly taken off ... plenty of people wanting nice bikes ... and even more digging their old bikes from the back of the garage and needing a bit of a tune-up.

So your local bike store/shop - LBS - is going to be BUSY. Currently, the store where I help out is backed up over a week for repairs and tune-ups.

Didn't I tell you before? Get your bike in for service in plenty of time!!!

Anyway, new bikes are arriving daily ... Go and take a look. In terms of quality against price the value for money is the best it's ever been. Get down to your LBS, get good advice and buy a quality bike which fits your needs, your body and your budget.

Search Google for a list of bike stores local to you ...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday, PFW Cranbury Ride

This was my first group ride of the year and I survived. Advertised as a "B" ride, it approached "B+", but everyone was riding well, even if at their upper limits. Well done all, and thanks to Ken Leon for leading a very pleasant, if sometimes challenging ride in excellent weather.

Bike route 434346 - powered by Bikemap