Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007 - 2008

Ah ... my first article of the New Year.

And what a year last year was!!!

Did I mention it? But yes ... I got married!!! To the most wonderful Linda.

And what a day it was!!!

Click here to read about it on Linda's blog.

That's me ... hiding behind the lilies; then Linda's daughter A; Linda and the deputy mayor of Belle Mead.

As it turns out this is more than a step on life's journey. It's the start of the US immigration trail too.

We filled out the forms - which seem to require a degree level education; we sent in the application bundle - now I didn't count the number of bits of paper, but if it was a hundred sheets I wouldn't be surprised; I went to have my finger-prints done at the local application support office ... and now we're waiting ... and waiting ...

As for this picture? Don't ask!!!

Anyway, back to the blog ... more stuff soon.