Friday, February 01, 2008

Adele : Joe's Pub NYC

Okay ... so maybe it's hype, but I don't know ...

I first heard of Adele only a few weeks ago. The Guardian deconstructed her "Chasing Pavements" video, which admittedly is rather strange. But what came through for me was this really rather extraordinary performance from a woman who is barely nineteen. Jeez!!! Her mum's young enough to be my daughter fer'g'ness sake!!!

Well, I daily, diligently trolled, via the web, the most likely place Adele might play in NYC, or at least near to here, but to no avail ... Checked Joe's Pub this evening ... Adele to play 18 March, 2008. Check box-office ... SOLD OUT!!!! Pah!!!!!!!

How annoying ... oh well ...

Update : 23.02.2008 >>>
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