Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay ... Another Year Older ...

... so I'll resolve to start posting again ... yes, really.

Well, time is relentlessly movin' on and today sees 57 years since I came into this world. What better way than with a bike ride which, now I've just finished it, I realise I should have made 57 miles, but is now cast at 45 plus miles.

Oh well. That's my resolution for next year; a 58 mile bike ride.

That's me, taking a rest in Lambertville, NJ. Do you like the jersey?

Anyway, the weather here has been appalling, but today was nice enough. So I planned a route on, loaded it into the Garmin and pedalled out into the New Jersey countryside, which whilst not quite Devon and Cornwall, is nice enough, believe me.

Hopefully the script above will enable you to see the route. Otherwise go here.

If you have Google Earth you can get a really good look at the countryside. There's a link somewhere on the MapMyRide page so you can do this.