Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fast & Furious - for me anyway ...

It was the regular Sunday "B" ride out of Cranbury, NJ, this time led by Mark Hecht.

If I was hoping it might be rather less challenging than last week's ride, then I was truly mistaken. However, we did survive, so I spent Sunday afternoon feeling rather smug ... but those last few miles against a blustery wind from the west were very hard!!!

Bike route 444571 - powered by Bikemap 

Thanks to all, especially those who shared my pain ... I really must get into condition for that Century.

PS: I accidentally turned off the Garmin for 5 miles about a third of the way around, so I joined the dots where the data was lacking. In the end I make it a mile less than people did on their computers, so let me know where I went wrong ... thanks