Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, the weather conspired to cancel the regular Sunday ride from Etra Lake, NJ. And, of course, once Gary made the decision the day did brighten up but only a bit. The forecast is good for Tuesday's Griggstown Grinder though, so let's hope ...
Attending the Ride of Silence did get me thinking ... I'm not so sure I'm in tune with it. I think the format has a number of problems and contradictions, but here are my initial thoughts in a nutshell:
  • The ride portrays cyclists as victims
  • The emphasis on deaths and serious injuries does not encourage people to take up cycling
  • The activity does not encourage any interest from local or national media
  • It does nothing to advance the cause of cycling either as a healthy and safe activity or a useful utility
Around here motor vehicle drivers will still cut us up, overtaking while we're indicating/turning left, cutting corners, pass too close ... our local authorities will still consider a glass/debris/roadkill/pot-hole filled shoulder on a dangerous highway is an adequate element of a local cycling strategy ...
I'd prefer, and I think those tragically killed and injured on the road would prefer, a celebration of cycling which promoted the personal, economic and environmental benefits of cycling; which campaigned for facilities for cyclists - safe junctions, secure bicycle parking at work, at the mall, safe bicycle access to community facilities like schools and hospitals.
Improvements like this would truly serve as a fitting memorial ...
Okay ... end of rant ;-)