Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PFW : Griggstown Grinder : 20100824

What happened? Only a few days ago it seemed that never a day went by without the temperatures soaring into the 90s - F that is ... not C. So Tuesday evening, having heard that the ride was going ahead if the roads started drying after a day's rain, I set off complete with arm-warmers, because, believe me, it was cold!

An intrepid group of riders assembled at our new meeting point, although by that time Diane had turned up assuming no-one else would. 

So this select group set off with every expectation of being rained on again, but as it happened, it didn't.

This evening's torture ended up being a climb of Springhill Road, which was at its worst about 13.3 miles into the ride. 

By the time we returned the overcast sky ensured it was very gloomy indeed. In the event, the roads hardly dried, but we didn't get rained on bar a couple of spots as we arrived back at the start.

So get this, August, wet, cold ... but a great ride anyway.