Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Griggstown Grinds Lindbergh Hill

Summer evenings are certainly drawing in. Last evening's ride ended a little after sunset, but dusk fell fast, and cycling sunglasses added to the dark.

But, as usual, Diane led another exhilarating Tuesday evening ride through the Sourlands. Never were the Hollow Road, Longhill-Zion and Lindbergh climbs more, well, challenging.

Jen, our usual assessor of hill-worthiness, wasn't able to judge the ride's F-Factor, either because of running out of expletives or total exhaustion, so I guess it was a tough one. But even Lindbergh's final close to 20% grade at the end failed to dent the beauty of a fine evening in central NJ.

Steve and I were off the front when the rest of the group threaded through the Brandywine and Kildee neighbourhood rather than take the direct route along the appropriately named Sunset Road, so most riders did a little more than the posted distance.

Never were blinky-lights more useful.