Sunday, October 14, 2007

Linda Knits

Who is this dashing fellow? And what's more, what is he wearing?

If you don't know, Linda is a very keen knitter. She even has a knitting blog called Infiknitty - geddit??? *Linda tells me it is not a knitting blog, more about life, the universe, etc, etc ...

Well, here I am modelling my new sweater which is made up of an esoteric wool blend and which, while beautiful, is extremely uncomfortable to model on a day in excess of 80F/30C.

You can read the technical details here.

However, next weekend we're off to a knitting conference at Rhinebeck in mid-state New York. I really can't believe I'm going to a knitting conference!!!

Okay, I'll pretend to myself that we're really going to see the fall colours. Actually, I am ... and this year is promising to be one of the best. I'm currently googling local steam railways and have also found an airfield with vintage aircraft so maybe it won't all be plain one, purl two.