Monday, October 22, 2007

NYS Sheep and Wool Festival

The New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. How fascinating is that?

Well, actually, it was pretty good!

So last weekend, we mapquested the route to Rhinebeck, NY, and spent a very nice couple of days there perusing the hundreds of exhibits at the show, and visiting a couple of historic locations as well as be entertained for dinner at the CIA - yes, really!

I'll leave show details to Linda to describe in greater detail on infiknitty, but in brief, it was a nice experience and knitters are okay. In fact, in many respects it was much like any other interest based event, like caravanners, antiques fairs, etc, etc ... and the show-ground could have just as well been at Shepton Mallet.

I should add that the sweater Linda knitted for me elicited dozens of complimentary comments and for good reason.

Rhinebeck is in the centre of an historic region which still is very attached to its Dutch past. Not least is its association with FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt - the President who took the US into and through the Second World War, only to die shortly before victory was realised.

The FDR Presidential Library is of interest to British visitors because of FDR's strong support for Britain during WW2 and there is much evidence of his alliance with Churchill during this time. The image to the left shows Frank, Eleanor and me enjoying a joke outside the Library.

Ah, yes. Eleanor Roosevelt. Americans regard her as the First Lady amongst First Ladies. After FDR's death she lived a few miles away at Val Kill -Kill being a term for a water course.

Did I mention we had dinner at the CIA?

The Culinary Institute of America, that is. And very good it was too, although I think that someone who is three weeks away from graduating could make sure we got our wine on time with the meal. But, otherwise, the food and ambiance was very good.

The real feature of this time of year is the fall leave colour. Unfortunately it is difficult to get a panorama of this glorious sight. Any glimpse we had was through the trees as we drove Route 9. But close up it was rather wonderful too.

So, ask me if I'd go to the Sheep & Wool festival again and I'd unhesitatingly say yes!