Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stuff 04 : Princeton Record Exchange

By happy serendipity, Princeton has one of the best sources of new and used BVDs - Black Vinyl Discs - anywhere.

Princeton Record Exchange.

In fact, the BVD sales sector is one of the few that is increasing its percentage of the music media market.

What is it about records in these days of Blu-Ray and music downloads? I've blogged elsewhere on why I still cling onto this apparently outmoded, yet rather satisfying medium, so I won't bore you now.

However, I am now a contributor to PREX's blog where I intend to write about the Music I Like and the means of delivering it.

Perversely, my first contribution is about a CD, but hey! It was more about genre than the medium itself.

So if you have the inclination, take a look. If you've been referred here from PREX's blog, welcome.

Thanks for taking the time.

*10.04.2008 : NYT article

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