Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter Drawers On ...

Well, it will all too soon be autumn, or the more prosaic, fall, that season of mellow fruitfulness. And even now the evenings draw in to the point where evening rides are cut short by sunset before 8.00pm/20.00hrs.

The eastern seaboard of the US lacks western Europe's more northern latitude and double summer time which means late summer rides can run way past 9.00pm/21.00hrs.

So we're already looking at lighting and conspicuity aids just to see and be seen on NJ roads.

During the spring and summer I use a red Knog Frog wrapped around my seatpost. It's tiny, it's light and it has cool. Most of all it gives a decent rear light when under tree cover and in those last few minutes riding home as daylight fails.

Recently I've also taken to using a Blackburn Flea front light to give some degree of conspicuity from the front ... not that that is a guaranteed effect here in NJ ... But it's very bright and charges from a USB port ... neat *.

Lately, it's been a bit too dark for the Knog Frog so I've dug out my Blackburn Mars 3.0 which casts a PTSD inducing strobe to the rear of the bike. Just how any driver could miss this blitz is beyond me. I trust this will remain to be the case ...

Finally, for a reasonably priced light which causes car drivers coming the other way to flash you hoping you're going to dip your headlight, I use a MTE SSC P7-C on my handlebars with two available for off-road trails - guaranteed to fry any chipmunks which get in the beam.

The lights are clamped to the handlebars using Fenix Bike Flashlight Mounts for regular diameter bars.

UseTwoFish Lock-Blocks for larger diameter handlebars.

* RTFMS!!! The Blackburn Flea:
How many people have bought this device and found that it will only work for about 10 seconds? Okay ... maybe it's only me who is stoopid. However, when you buy a Flea it is set in demonstration mode. To activate, keep the ON switch pressed until the light goes out - about 10 seconds - then the unit will work properly. Simple, huh?