Monday, September 14, 2009

Here is a new - for me - GPS mapping website:

I'm currently using with some success, but some of the more practical aspects of the site are more difficult, particularly editing routes ... and having to pay for printouts is particularly irksome, especially when you've paid hundreds of bucks for a Garmin and another hundred for a US street map. In addition, MapMyRide appears to claim all the rights for stuff you upload to the site, but leaves liabilities with the uploader ...

Anyway, that doesn't stop it being a useful site. My main problem with it is route editing.

Well, step in

Bike route 313982 - powered by Bikemap

It seems to be German and in many respects more basic than MapMyRide in that there are no forums, but route editing is much easier, the map appears rather more pleasant and there is some rudimentary support for map printing, although I can't find provision for route sheets. Also the interface only supports .gpx rather than the .tcx the Garmin produces so you have to convert files. I've found this online converter here.

Anyhow, let's see how I get on with this one.