Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saris Bones RS Car Rack

Fed up with tying up all those straps on your bicycle car rack? Don't want/have a tow hitch/bar?

Then this, admittedly, rather expensive as trunk/boot racks go, is the one for you.

The Saris Bones RS Car Rack uses two steel straps to attach the rack to the car. These are tensioned by two locking ratchet devices and ensure that the rack is very securely indeed without all those webbing straps floating and waving about in the wind.

This means that mounting and dismounting the rack is quite a quick and simple operation as well as making the device less attractive to casual thieves. The unit also looks a lot tidier than your average trunk/boot mounted bike rack.

The rack is adaptable to trunks/boots and the rear doors of mini-vans/MPVs and can carry up to three bicycles. There is a stabilising device to make sure that bikes don't swing about although the odd bungee here and there helps keep everything tidy.

The mounting system also means that the rack doesn't stand on your rear bumper/fender so the door/lid can still be opened, although not with bikes on the rack.

It's not often you'll get asked about your bike rack, but this rack never fails to arouse interest.

Saris also produce a version which can double up as a bike stand in your garage and other more conventional car racks.