Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 : Giant upgrades

My best bike - the Giant OCR2 - has been superseded by a couple of more up-to-date models, but for me it remains a very competent and comfortable bike. So it will remain my No:1 mount for a while yet.

However, that doesn't mean I can't take the opportunity to fine-tune various components. This season the big change is/are (?) the handlebars which have been replaced with Easton EC90 Aero Road Bars. I haven't chosen these to enable me to go faster or even shave a few grammes off, but because they have a very comfortable flattened wing section which, I hope, will enhance hand comfort still further.

In addition I taped them up myself using Fizik Bar Tape and the Fizik Gel Kit.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome although I haven't ridden with the set up yet, but just grabbing the bars feels more comfortable and secure.

Winding the tape went pretty well, although you need to ensure the tape is really stretched as you apply it and take particular care around the brake/gear levers.

The dark silver, pewter (?), fits well with the colour-scheme so I'm very happy.

Another more minor addition, has been a pair of Blackburn Carbon Bottle Cages which suit the look of the bike better than the old stainless cages.

The curves of the cages and the cut-outs really match the design of the frame and paint scheme.

Does it really matter? I don't know, but it's certainly looking like a smart bike.

Roll on spring ...