Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HiFi : progress report II

Okay ... the Quads are back ...

Despite their (only) slight lack of bass, the Quad 11L2s are so much more clear than the Infinity RS4001s. To use a hackneyed phrase from the hifi press, it's as though a veil has been lifted.

Besides, they're not that short in the bass department anyway. I really think I'd like to try them with a sympathetic sub. In the UK I was using Mission 76s - I think. These worked seamlessly with the IPL sub kit.

Anyway, it looks as if this is converging on a typically European setup - stand speakers, modest amplifier, definitive audio source. Frowned on the US, I know, but listen to it ... just a bit more tweaking ...

The back of the speakers shows the weedy speaker cable and rather more beefy speaker jumper cables ... I think I'll work on this aspect next.