Monday, October 31, 2011

The Philadelphia Bike Expo - 2011

Well, I chipped the car out from two inches of solid, frozen snow and set off for the Philly Bike Expo in brilliant sunshine.

The show, sort of in between a swap-meet and an exhibition, was made up largely of bike-builders, accessory and component manufacturers and snake-oil sales salesmen selling their own concoctions of miracle bike lubes and cleaners, no doubt conjured up on their kitchen tables, and even more doubtlessly, effective and environmentally friendly.

I felt a little conspicuous, lacking an old cycling cap and bushy beard, sans moustache. I was going to say, and that was just the women ... but I won't.

Anyway, here are a few images I captured. I mean, strictly speaking they're not photographs.

Most bikes tended to be of a utilitarian nature

Some design innovations

This dog cart combo was a show stopper

One for Steve ...

Who hasn't wanted to wear a helmet to a wedding?
A real Mini

PS: Don't ask me why the images don't line up ... Blogger problem?