Monday, June 25, 2012

Peacock's Country Store -20120624

If you didn't know, last weekend's Montauk 100 was a disaster for me. I went down with severe cramps and had to SAG out. The ignominy ...

So after a week's break off the bike, I set off with SteveR for a leisurely saunter through the Sourlands to Peacock's Country Store.

Of course, a ride through the Sourlands can never be a saunter as a whole bunch of riders on the local Tour de Cure were finding out, but for us, the pace was just right, not really pushing hard and feeling free to ease off when the going got tough.

There were, as usual a bunch of cyclists at Peacock's, including another British Bloke on a weekend away from The Big Apple and pleasantly surprised at how nice the cycling is in the area.

So, a pleasant ride with few challenges. Just right.