Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HiFi 07 : Sennheiser HD580 Headphones

When the Sennheiser HD580 headphones came out in the UK they had a couple of bad reviews.

Consequentially, a few months later I just popped into my local hifi store and was offered these at an absolute bargain price. I mean, a fraction of their original cost. How could I refuse?

Well, I found nothing wrong with them. In fact they went on to be regarded as one of the top high-end headphones and are still regarded as classics. So much for hifi reviews. In the end, trust your ears.

These are great 'phones. Extremely comfortable, incredible sound, fantastic dynamics ... and even my Rio Karma can drive them.

At the moment I'm using them direct from my Marantz CD5001. Not quite as dynamic as through the Sansui, but still pretty good for recreational listening.

Vastly superior to your average .mp3 player and ear buds.