Monday, March 24, 2008

Stuff 03 : Sony MDR-EX71SL Fontopia In-The-Ear Headphones

Despite having mentioned my Rio Karma does a good job of driving the Sennheiser HD580s, I do not normally bowl down the North East Corridor Line with a pair of giant cans on my ears.

The Sony MDR-EX71SL Fontopia In-The-Ear Headphones are a massive step up from the nasty things which come with most iPod/mp3 players. Oh, the ones that came with your player are very good? Well, try some after-market headphones then tell me that.

The MDRs require a little getting used to, and I know some people find them quite unpleasant. The 'phones fit right into your ear. There is a set of different sized grommets which enable a snug fit. However, if you find them comfortable this type of earphone gives a phenomenal increase in sound quality - deep bass and crystal clear high-frequencies.

There is also a high degree of isolation. I find them much better than sound-cancelling headphones on flights, out performing a much more expensive set of active sound-cancelling headphones I have. Of course, this means they're plain dangerous in other circumstances, like cycling - not that listening to music while cycling is a good idea anyway ...

I've got through about four sets of these headphones so you can tell I've been pleased with them. However, I'm considering trying some of the new Sennheisers or even Etymotics if I'm feel particularly flush ...