Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuff 02 : RioVolt PSX100

I think I'm over being an Early Adopter. I am now convinced never to buy software before version 3 or after version 4. Wait until the hardware I like is superseded by the latest megagiga whatsit ... and the item is in the remainder pages.

Having said that, I have been fairly lucky on the early adoption front in many respects; Sansui AU-317 amplifier, the Rio Karma, wifi and my old RioVolt PSX100 cd/mp3 player, as examples.

Yes ... Rio again ... whatever happened to them? They produced some of the best and most loved music player hardware around and still went bust ... Oh well.

Anyway, my RioVolt PSX100 is still going strong despite being at least eight years old. It has even been possible to upgrade the firmware because iRiver still use a compatible chipset in their models, so everything's still up to date.

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