Friday, May 16, 2008

Stuff : 16.05.2008

It's been a funny old week. Okay, not really:
  • Still heard nothing from Sangean. I know the radio got there okay. US consumers have a way to go ... I'm calling later today to express my outrage.
  • No badminton ... 4th grade party in the gym or something. And none next week either. Yes, I'm not here but even so ...
  • Speaking of which, back to Blighty next week. I'm busy compiling our shopping list; Taylor's Yorkshire Gold, Plymouth Navy Gin, Maplin's. Do you know? Before I got here I thought Radio Shack was going to be like Maplin's. No chance!
  • Depressingly, still looking for a job. In about 20 or so applications I've received one response and that started, "We regret ... " I'm ready, I'm willing, I'm able ... Gimme a job!!!
Otherwise, that's it for now ...