Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stuff : 22.05.2008

Off to the UK today. I have a little shopping list and hope to bring back some of my stuff.

  • No word from Sangean :-( I hope no-one is looking to this blog for advice on the Sangean WFR-20. I've had other stuff from Sangean and it has been fine ... but Sangean, please get back to me ... or the puppy gets it ... or at least I'll keep posting bulletins on this blog ...
  • Not much in the way of jobs this week.
  • It's been very rainy the last couple of days.
  • No cycling this Wednesday, although I did fancy it. I just didn't want to land on my face the day before we fly off.
  • I have a little project, but I need to learn Joombla. Got the book. Now I have something to do on the plane.
See you next week.