Friday, July 25, 2008

Griggstown Grind

For the last few weeks my regular weekly ride has been the "Griggstown Grind" in and around the rather nice lanes and byways of the Sourlands Mountains of New Jersey.

A cyclist could do far worse than end up in central New Jersey. It's much more attractive than you might think.

Now these are mountains in the British style, ie; more like the Mendips than the Alps. But the valleys and creeks are very pretty indeed.

So, each Tuesday evening we meet up. About half-a-dozen regular riders - Diane, Steve, Beth, Marilyn - plus whoever else turns up head out for a 90 minute route over the numerous, but not too difficult hills.

It's encouraging the difference a few weeks make ... Okay, they're still quite hard, but now, by the time I'm thinking, "This is quite hard", we're already at the top. So the lesson is, stick with it.

At the same time this is quite a relaxed trip for anyone who wants to try it. Everyone is happy to either wait for or pace newbies up the hills, and have a little chat afterwards.

Special thanks to Diane who leads this ride each week.