Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Le Tour : 2008

Yes, it's here again ... the greatest annual sporting event in the world.

Yes ... the world!!!

Of course, you could check the stats on Wikipedia, or any other source if you wish, but Le Tour de France is a sporting event sans pareil.

It has all the elements of a day-time soap, plus sporting endeavour, heroics, self-sacrifice ... and the added spice, alleged doping involvement.

I have been fortunate to have joined the thronging crowds along the route of the TdF; waited on a mountain-side while the approaching helicopters fanfare the arrival of a breakaway chased by the peloton; felt the physical and metaphysical rush at a sprint finish; and spent a day with the tifosi, cheering ITT riders through the Normandy countryside.

Nothing else compares ...
Tour de France : 05.07 - 27.07.2008