Friday, August 01, 2008

Giant OCR C2

And here it is ... my new bike; the Giant OCR C2.

Bike design and materials have certainly moved on in the last few years. The frame of this bike is an alliance - it says here - of carbon fibre and aluminium - English spellings both.

Certainly the bike feels very light compared to my Trek, and the ride characteristics pretty much met the received wisdom on carbon fibre frames, smooth ride, yet rigid geometry when it comes to laying down whatever power I can muster.

Jason at Halter's Cycles, fitted me up using his skill and judgment and I have to say that initial impressions for size and fit are good - slightly different than I might have chosen - but I'll go along with it unless I feel really uncomfortable.

Changes amounted to using a shorter stem with a higher rise, and narrower bars. I'm not totally convinced by this ... but I have to admit it feels good, if rather different to what I'm used to. Plus, I also had narrower Continental tyres fitted.

I'm off for a ride around Hopewell/Pennington this evening. I'll let you know how I get on.

Get the .pdf brochure here.