Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Griggstown Grind : 2008

Tuesday evenings won't be the same until next year ...

Yesterday saw the last of my regular Tuesday evening rides for this season.

The Griggstown Grind is a tour of the many pretty and just tough enough lanes and hills around The Sourlands.

Whoever said that there is no nice countryside in New Jersey? Okay, maybe nobody actually said it, but I think it's a surprise to most people how pleasant central Jersey can be.

I have only really started regularly cycling this year, so the first couple of times were quite tough. A new bike and new legs have helped make the Grind not so hard in the last few weeks.

No-one is dropped on the Griggstown Grind. Everyone is keen, but not too keen, if you know what I mean. Thanks to all regulars; Beth, Steve, Jeff, Geoff, Lyn, and, especially Diane for organising and keeping the ride together.

See you next year.