Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Griggstown Grinder : 20110531

Once again, the fearless Grinders assembled for the regular Tuesday evening slog into the hills.

It was very hot. The temperature was hovering around the high 80Fs/30C+ as we pedalled off, grateful for the cooling effect of the motion induced breeze.

The main challenge of the day was the climb towards Lindberg. A brief relief after Longhill brings you onto the final teeth-gritting ascent on the Hopewell-Amwell Road. It looks like a blip on the ride profile - at mile 9.4 - and actually, it looks like a blip as you approach it, but the slope exponentially increases towards the top, close to 20%. Argh!!!

A mechanical meant that the last stretch, from Hopewell to the start was conducted at top speed.

An evening for drinking plenty of water and checking your tyres ...