Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hightstown/Etra - S Brunswick : 20110605

It's Sunday. It must be the Etra ride. But with a difference.

This year Cliff and Gary will alternate most Sundays, with Cliff running at C+, and Gary aiming for a B.

So today saw an untypical run from Etra. Gary led us off at a fast rate; virtually no climbs at all, just a very smart pace from the get-go.

I totally lost direction so was surprised to find myself near Monmouth Junction. Distance was down, but pace was up. So I was pleased to find ourselves at Pierre's. Nice bakery, nice place, in fact. But no seats outside. The cranberry muffin was nice anyway.

Once again, a fine route from Gary.

Next Sunday, the Tour de Cure from Princeton Junction. A metric century, 100km/62.5miles, for diabetes research. Take a look at my sponsorship page and help if you can. Let's hope for a constant tailwind.

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