Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sourlands Grinder : 20110607

And it was yet another fine evening for the Grinders as we set off on Diane's idea of happiness. Just short of 26miles/42km and over 2000ft/600m of climbing. Happiness indeed.

The ride started off with the usual into the breeze section on Skillman Road as it heads off into the Sourlands. Turn right up Hollow Road, whose surface gets worse with every week and defies you to get a good rhythm as it deceptively ascends towards Long Hill Road.

For some reason, Long Hill isn't nearly as much of a challenge as Hollow. Maybe it's the surface, which is markedly better. Or maybe Hollow is just plain deceptive. Descending Hollow is a bit of an eye opener as to just how much of a climb it is.

As Long Hill metamorphoses into Zion Road it meets Lindbergh. We made the cut across to Ridge Road while Jen told me her theory of attacking hills.

The whooping descent of Rileyville Road towards the Wertsville Road is either exhilarating or white knuckle inducing. Rich claimed 47mph/75kmh and I believe him. He was dropping away from me and I was over 40mph/65kmh.

A short run along the Wertsville Road towards Peacock's Country Store then the foothills of the Lindbergh climb with its initial 500ft/150m climb, descent and then a knee cracking 20% heave just when you thought you were on a nice swoop back down to the Hopewell valley. Jen reckoned this scored 50 using her new found hill-climbing technique.

We charged back to the start to beat the sunset. And it was worth watching.

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