Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bike Shop Lament

It's that time of year ...

The first nice cycling weekend is looming at last. It's Thursday and the first batch of customers who need their bike serviced, repaired and upgraded will be in today with their bike which needs to be done by tomorrow because they have a Double Century or are starting their ride across America this weekend and besides they're the bike shop owner's best friend, etc., etc.. You would be amazed how many best friends bike shop owners and mechanics have at this time of year ...

Not as rare an occurrence as you might think ... really.

Next week, bike shops move into a new phase; the "I Was Just Riding Along" phenomenon.

"I was just riding along when the rear derailleur wound itself into the back wheel with the power of an express train hitting the buffers, and for some reason the bike also spontaneously folded in half. I didn't do a thing. Is it still in warranty?"

You can see the result of a typical incident in the picture above.

Seriously, your local bike shop will be delighted to check over and service your bike, advise on issues and possible upgrades. All they need is a little time. Go prepared to be without your rail for a week, and you will probably be pleasantly surprised when it wants to come home early.

Disclosure : I work in a local bike shop.