Sunday, March 07, 2010

So Spring Really Has Sprung

Well, the nice weather is here, so there's really no excuse.

What better than a season opener than a nice ride to Lambertville, NJ, on the Delaware? Only 40 miles there and back, but hilly miles, so they really count.

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Everything worked well and smoothly and suitable clothing kept me warm, but not too toasty.

As I crossed Route 31 I was surprised to find an old-school English Woodrup pull up along side. It was piloted by John, originally from Leeds, UK, who was working his way to Frenchtown, NJ, to have lunch with his missus. Small world, huh?

We rode on to Lambertville, then John turned north for Frenchtown, and I headed for the coffee shop.

It was a great ride for a season opener; clear blue skies, beautiful sunshine, plenty of other riders on the road. Okay, my legs felt it a bit as I approached home ... but what did I expect after 3 months without a serious outing?

NB: there was still ice across the road just after Mountain Road crosses Linvale Road. It was gone by the time I returned. More seriously, Zion Road, between Long Hill Road and Lindbergh Road is in a very poor state after the winter with potholes across the road in some places, eroded surface and raised ridges.

Hollow Road also has deteriorated since last year. Some stretches are white-knuckle inducing at 30-35mph on the descent, so ride carefully.