Monday, March 01, 2010

Feedback Sports : Mechanics Stand

For me, part of the pleasure of cycling is the tinkering and maintenance of my bikes.

Nothing helps more than having the bike held securely and at a comfortable height so that adjustments are more easily carried out.

At home I use a Feedback Sports Mechanics stand. The image of the stand shows it in its previous incarnation as an Ultimate Sports stand. I'm not certain what happened, but other than the name everything seems the same.

Anyway, this stand is very sturdy, very portable and holds bicycles very firmly.

There are a couple of other models with more sophisticated quick adjustment clamps and if I were to buy one now I'd probably go for that. But the old-school wind-up clamp is perfectly okay for occasional use and saves a few dollars.

The tool tray is a useful accessory, keeping tools and service items in a convenient place on the stand