Sunday, March 28, 2010

Col du Skillman Circuit Race

Today saw a full programme of racing on a course dominated by the climb on Grandview Road.

Okay ... so I had intended to ride over and spectate for an hour or two, but impending showers and a cold wind meant I chickened out and drove over to the crest of Grandview and stood shivering for an hour or so watching some really interesting racing from one of the women's races. This particular race was dominated by three women who for the most part lapped several minutes ahead of the pack.

The Grandview climb is not high, but it is dispiriting. From the bottom you are confronted with a view straight along the road and up to the summit about a mile away. The gradient starts innocuously enough, but only gets steeper as the climb continues with no relief until you crest the hill... yuck!!! My most unfavourite climb in the area.

Most riders seemed to be from NE universities and colleges with a few Navy and Marine competitors for good measure.

It seemed to be a tough, cold day. Well done riders ... sorry I didn't stay ...

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