Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Waving but Riding

Last weekend saw a big improvement in the weather from the previous one. So it was out on the road again, this time on a route pretty close to the one below. After a break at Peacock's Country Store I came off the Wertsville Road and climbed up to Rileyville and back along Ridge Road to Lindberg.
Bike route 417272 - powered by Bikemap 
No improvement in the roads though, with added branches and storm debris adding to the pothole hazard. In the UK potholes are front page news after its savage winter. Here most of them will still be around in the fall ... The occasional bridge was also still closed to traffic after the floods, but it was easy to thread a bicycle through the barriers and bulldozers.

It was nice to see so many riders out and about, although I don't know if some of them were just as pleased to see me. Hey guys!!! You only have to nod back. You don't have to cross the road and shake my hand ... Maybe it's because I'm not riding the latest rail from The Skunk Works or something, I dunno ...

This weekend I'm intending to work in a ride around looking in at the Princeton University Cycling team event based around Montgomery - The Col du Skillman. There should be some nice climbs around the course. See more here ... The course is here ...

* Not Waving but Drowning - Stevie Smith 1957