Saturday, June 21, 2008

Giro di Jersey 2008 : stage 2 Rocky Hill

So, on to day two of the Giro di Jersey; The Rocky Hill Cycling Classic.

Not quite a classic yet, but on its way. The weather was fine, but not too hot. In fact, just right.

This is a big deal for Rocky Hill. In fact, it's one of the biggest prizes in its category in the United State in only its second year. So well done to Rocky Hill.

There were a whole series of races today, from Juniors to Men's Pro. The course ran through the village of Rocky Hill northeast along River Road and onto Griggstown, turning south along Canal Road to the foot of the Old Georgetown Road hill, which counts as a big one around here. Then down the 518 (?) into Rocky Hill for the slight incline to the finish line.

It's fair to say that the Old Georgetown Road isn't the Col du Tormalet, but the climb is beguiling enough to let you think it's quite nice really before hitting you with its best shot in the last kilometre or so. Otherwise the pro riders thought the course wasn't as challenging as all that, which could be true. It needs a diversion in the Belle Mead direction to get in another leg sapping climb out of the river valley.

To most people's surprise, the hill appears to have been re-surfaced and seems quite smooth and even, but it looks as if they've used a ton of recycled glass as a filler and, no doubt co-incidentally, these odd cuts appeared in my tyres after going up and down the road a couple of times. Any ideas?

Anyway, lots more pictures here including my best ever finish picture;
And my worst ...
I dunno, the old Olympus seems to be lagging more and more ... or is it just me?

The race also nailed its international credentials. The pro race was won by a guy from Argentina.

And just in case anyone ever comes across this blog from Bristol Mountain Bike Club, here's my old jersey still being worn in New Jersey, geddit?

Tomorrow, the final stage; The Corner House Grand Prix of Princeton. And they're already talking of making it a 4-day event next year.

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