Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Jersey : 07.06.2008

So. What's new in the neighbourhood?

US Route 206 passes just to the west of where we live. Imagine if you will, traffic from the M4 funneled through the old A38 with potholes, traffic-lights every mile or two and trailing through every village and town in the vicinity.

The local council has tried to ban heavy vehicles from the route but their decision was overruled by the state authorities and so it continues to be a rat-run while 40T trucks bash the pot-holes into chasms large enough to swallow the average European car, and the queue for Princeton has expanded from a drive-time annoyance to a virtual all-dayer.

Incredibly, the route continues to feature on the local cycleroutes masterplan. I'm a fairly confident cyclist but 50 metres is enough for me on that road, so how they're going to get people to dice with the truckers, I have no idea. Maybe it was part of the strategy to get trucks banned?

Meanwhile, it's going to get hot. Ah, yes, I remember when I thought air-conditioning was for wimps. That was before I'd tried 35C at 100% humidity. The dial is set to rise above 35C this week. Fortunately, we'll be in Canada ... Niagara Falls, to be precise.

The iPods are charged, the in-car DVD has been borrowed. I'm even going to wash the car ... We're about to set off on our very own road-trip. Hopefully the hotel I've booked is better than the Bristol Travelodge ... I'll let you know how we get on.

And finally, you don't get this often in Yealmpton:

June 6, 2008

Police Respond to Black Bear Sightings

Schools Notified, Awareness Advised

On Friday, June 6, 2008, at 11:42 AM, police received a call from a resident on Bronson Way in the Skillman section of the township reporting a large bear had wandered off from his backyard. Police began receiving additional sightings from the area of Skillman Road and eventually Burnt Hill Road near Route 518. Responding police did not observe the bear, but one resident showed the officer a picture of the animal which is estimated to be approximately 275 pounds.

Police alerted the local schools and other nearby institutions. As a precautionary measure, the schools discontinued outdoor activities for the remainder of the day. Police also notified New Jersey Wildlife Control and the Montgomery Health Department.

Residents who observe a bear are urged to call the police. (Non-emergency phone # below). Also, those wishing to learn more about black bears and safety may visit:

NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife Black Bear Information Page
Linda says it's only a baby ... Hmmm ...