Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stuff : 18.06.2008

I'm still looking for a job. Anyone out there want a charming Englishman? I'm going to have to consider collecting supermarket trolleys soon ...

  • Went on a 25 mile ride yesterday evening. It was called the Griggstown Grinder. It was a grinder alright. Some long, slow hills had my legs complaining. A small, pleasant, eclectic group, including a guy who actually likes British beer, warm and flat ... yummie ... plus tips on finding English tea.
  • While getting my bike ready - including new bar-tape - I went to brush some dry, veggie matter from the frame which turned out to be a couple of wasps who promptly stung me. Now that hurt ... my hand is still swollen today. I found a small nest nearby in the hedge and took great pleasure in obliterating it with some deathly spray which is surely banned in Europe. It worked though. Revenge!!!
  • Weather is currently rather warm, thundery and the grass is starting to turn brown. I say grass. It's not grass in the finest English lawn sense. That would shrivel to nothing in the extremes of weather around here. Instead it resembles something you might find on a football pitch, rather tough and course, but effective.
  • After a bit of work I've managed to get the lawn tractor going. For sure it needs a new battery, but a couple of days ago after several fruitless previous tinkerings, I just took a chance and turned it over and it just decided to fire up ... ah, the capriciousness of machines.