Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trek : 1200

I like aluminium bikes. Yes ... aluminium!!!

The Trek 1200 is my current road going bicycle.

Very little has been changed on it other than the tyres, Continental GP4000 plus Sludge tyre sealant, and the bar tape, now Fi'zi:k.

The frame is far smaller than your lbs would probably advise, but as I've said before, this is what suits me, even if the bars are low and the seat-pin is a mile long.

I would like a better bike in the future, job/finances permitting of course, and at the moment I am focusing on Cannondales and Giants. The Cannondales are good bikes, but I just don't like the look, whereas the Giant geometry seems to match what I like.

But at the moment, the Trek 1200 is going well. I like it.