Saturday, June 28, 2008

Punctures : update

Well, so far, so good. Last year, I was virtually running a puncture on every ride.

This year I seriously upgraded my tyres to Continental GP4000s and used a tyre sealant called Sludge from Sludge International. Apparently, Sludge is the biggest selling tyre sealant in Africa!!!

Is it working? Well, if you don't have a puncture, how can you tell? On the other hand, the Contis seem very good and have given me a lot of confidence.

I seem to drop by other riders on descents; they seem to absorb road shock better than my previous tyres even though they run at 20psi more; and they are very steady over 40mph and round even rough corners. And lastly, they're rather red ...

You can read more about Sludge and me here ...

So this seems to be a good combo and I'll stick with it.