Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Bikes : Trek 6700 MTB

This is my second Trek mountain bike. It's a few years old now, but spent a lot of that time in a cellar so it still looks pretty good.

I tend to ride a smaller frame than would be advised by a bike shop, but that's what I like. It does mean the seat-pin is on the limits of adjustability and I might need to investigate getting a longer one.

There are no major mods, other than in the cockpit. A slightly longer stem and straighter, narrower handlebars get me into a good position.

I use either SPDs or Kona platform pedals depending on what's happening.

It has a facility for upgrading to disc brakes, but the present brakes are more than adequate for my use.

Tyres are currently Continental Mountain Kings which seem rather good. Both wheels have been treated with Sludge tyre sealant.

I really like this bike. It will do me for a while yet.